Ayurveda Sexologist - Dr. Arjun Raj

Ayurveda Physician & Sexologist - Dr. Arjun Raj

Dr. Arjun Raj

Ayurveda Physician & Sexologist

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Timings: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Dr. Arjun raj is on the executive board of the Arogyadham and director of Arogyadham Health Care in Muzaffarnagar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun. He is an excellent Ayurvedic doctor in Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Muzaffarnagar, India, and an Ayurveda graduate from Punjab University (Chandigarh). He holds a CCY Yoga Degree (Yogaville, Charlottesville, Virginia) and Living Yoga Training. He is also an editor of India's no one national health magazine Arogyadham.

Specialities Of Arogyadham Dr. Arjun Raj

Dr. Arjun Raj is a practitioner of the traditional Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda. He is trained in the principles and practices of Ayurveda, which focuses on promoting holistic health and preventing and treating diseases by balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

Here are some qualities and values of our expert ayurvedic professional Dr. Arjun Raj:

  • Dr. Arjun Raj thoroughly understands the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and the techniques and therapies used in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • He has excellent listening skill, be patient, and show compassion to their patients. He also understands and addresses their patient's health's emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  • He can diagnose a patient's health problems through observation, questioning, and examination and then develop an effective treatment plan.
  • He can explain complex medical concepts in simple terms and should be able to communicate effectively with patients from all walks of life.
  • He has a holistic approach to health and wellness, considering the patient's physical, emotional, and spiritual health in their treatment plan.
  • Ayurvedic medicine is continuously evolving, so Dr. Arjun Raj is committed to learning and staying up-to-date with new research and developments.
  • Dr. Arjun Raj has strong ethical standards and always acts in the best interests of their patients. However, he also maintains patient confidentiality and respects their patient's rights and autonomy.
  • Work and Achievements

    • He also looks after the administrative affairs in the Panchakarma Department at the ashram and is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, USA.
    • Outside of India, he provides spiritual retreats and Yoga Camps and offers spiritual and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations at India's Arogyadham Center.