About Panchakarma : Thousands of years old art of healing

The Panchakarma is at the heart of Ayurvedic medicine. The intensive therapies of Panchakarma treatment are aimed at cleansing and purification, weight regulation, regeneration and harmonization of bio-energy, because balance of body and mind is the basis for joy, vitality and performance.

Ayurveda recognizes three distinct bioenergies for every human, the “doshas”: “vata”, “pitta” and “kapha.”The doshas make up the dynamic equilibrium of Health and Welfare. Ayurvedic doctors understand that when the three doshas are out of balance, there is an accumulation of waste products and toxins, so-called “Ama,” in the body tissues and channels.

The fundamental, and most effective, method of physical and mental purification and regeneration, as well as to restore the equilibrium of bioenergy, is called Panchakarma therapy. “Pancha” means “five” and “Karma” means “activities” or “events.” Imbalance in the bioénergies is resolved by eliminating the toxins and waste products in the body and excreting them naturally through our excretory organs.

The Panchakarma Process: How we do it at Arogyadham

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic classical process, which requires a strong management and control. Each person is treated individually, and the course of treatment depends on your personal constitution and your mental health. Initially and after Detox Program, it is necessary to closely monitor you and provide an adequate preparation, supportive therapies and specific guidelines. It is a process with multiple phases.

Everyone reacts distinctively to Panchakarma, and each Panchkarma treatment is different from the last. Due to this, precise control is necessary for the whole process.

The Program includes:

  • Purvakarma (Preparatory Actions): indoor and outdoor oil treatments
  • PradhanaKarma (The Main Treatment): eg: Virechana
  • PaschatKarma (After course): Diet and change of lifestyle.

Rejuvenation Therapy at Arogyadham: We know Ayurvedic secrets of non-aging

A special feature of our medical care is the focus on proven Ayurvedic rejuvenation strategies, a specialty of Ayurveda physician Vaidyaratnam Dr. Rakesh Agarwal. Using proven anti-aging strategies, which neutralize free radicals (the epitome of early oxidation, rusting and aging of the body),  and wild herbs, a dietary plan that is respectively designed for each patient by Vaidyaratnam Dr. Rakesh Agarwal, Dr. Neelam Agarwal, Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj and Dr. Arjun Raj, enhances health and delivers a new, healthy immune system.

As part of our commitment to excellence, each patient receives continuous support and feedback at the end of their Panchakarma sessions. In turn, feedback from our patients allows us to improve our service delivery process and strengthen our methods of treatments, ensuring you receive best-in-class service and treatments at our facility.

Best in class therapies: Specific Therapies for Specific Diseases

  • Hrid Vasti : For Heart
  • Shiro Vasti : For Brain
  • Shiro Dhara : For mental relaxation, stress, hyper-tension and hair related problems
  • Pinda Swedan : For Arthritis, paralysis and muscular disorders
  • Sandhi Vasti : For Bones and Joints
  • Netra Tarpan : For Eye-related problems, better eye sight
  • Karna Purna : For ear and brain
  • Kundalini Massage & Merudanda Vasti: For back pain and disorders of the spine, slipped disc and vertebral degeneration
  • Medicated Facial: For acne and pimples for other beauty-related problems. (Herbal Facial,Relaxing Facial and Anti-Ageing Facial)
  • Medicated Smoking: For cleaning the sinuses
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