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Vaidyaratnam Dr. Rakesh Agarwal is a widely renowned Sexologist and Ayurvedic Doctor of Uttarakhand and Western Uttar Pradesh (UP). In his 40 years of journey as a sexologist medical practitioner and chronic disease expert, he has many happy patients and growing day by day over the years. In 1999 he also established Nakshatra Vatika for use in chronic diseases and spiritual wellbeing in Arogyadham. Dr. Rakesh is also having good and detailed knowledge of Ayurveda medicine and excellent understanding of other alternative medicines like Chinese medicine. He is also having good experience in conducting educational forums for promoting ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle changes and organizing Ayurveda wellness programs, training of new students and therapists. Dr. Rakesh Agarwal is also a well-known personality and one of the best sexologist & Ayurveda doctors in Nainital. He is certified in ayurvedic medications and also working in the Ayurvedic formulations based on herbs for the treatment of chronic diseases and sexual disorders such as diabetes mellitus, migraines, allergic bronchial asthma, joint pains, psoriasis, AIDS, etc. He is a third-generation Philanthropist, Ayurveda Specialist, Research Scholar, and well recognized by many countries and governments across the world in Ayurveda treatment. In 1998 he established an Herbal Museum of 900 herbs for use in chronic diseases and sexual disorders. One can see meet him easily in various social welfare programs in the city. Dr. Rakesh joined Arogyadham Ayurveda Treatment Centre, Muzaffarnagar which was founded by Shri V.C. Agrawal after passing the Bachelor degree of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S).

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Sex Problems or Sexual Disorders or Gupt Rog

People talk about sex as a bit awkward. Actually, we do not have enough information about sexual problems like sexually transmitted infections (STI), erectile dysfunction, etc. and the proper care of sexual health, so we cannot afford the confidence to talk in this context. Men’s sexual problems can happen at any time of life but can be more with aging. By which they become mentally disturbed and become victims of anger, irritability by getting into the grip of the disease. About 1 in 10 men experience sexual problems. Most sexual problems can be treated. About 75 percent of these are due to complex reasons. According to a study, about 60 percent of the men in the age group 40 to 70 years of age are facing the same. It can happen for many reasons. Occasionally, this can happen even with the side effects of a drug. It is also called Stambhan Dosha. Most of us are afraid of going to the doctor about any sex-related problems and this is because it is believed that discussing sex is a matter of shame. Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which sex is not enough stimulated for sexual intercourse. Apart from this, this problem can be triggered by various diseases such as vascular, neurological disorders, diabetes or prostate treatment or surgery.

Types of Sexual Disorders:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Dhat Discharge (Seminal Syndrome)
  • Impotency
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Masturbation
  • Female Infertility
  • Male Infertility
  • Night Fall (Discharge)
  • Circumcision
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Premature Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is called a continuous not enough erection for satisfactory intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED), which we also know as Napunsakta, is a problem related to men. Erectile dysfunction or Napunsakta is a condition in which a male is unable to obtain or retain adequate erection/column for sexual intercourse. That is he is unable to make a physical connection. We also know this situation by the name of impotence. If this is happening once or twice it is not so worrisome, but if it starts happening every day, you should get an alert and need to consult a best sexologist or ayurvedic practitioner.

Dhat Discharge (Seminal Syndrome)

Dhat discharge or Seminal Syndrome means that it is in the involuntary form of semen, which usually occurs during sleep or during other conditions such as urination or bowel movement. This is a men’s sexual problem, in which involuntary form of semen (semen seizure), which usually occurs without sexual stimulation and sexual intercourse. This problem is often associated with the patient’s irritation and weakness in its sexual organs. In some types of cases, the urine used to excrete for bowel movement during constipation also starts to produce semen. In some cases, semen exits with urine, or it also starts in sleeping.


Impotence can not be found in the private parts, due to lack of adequate stress or adequate sexual intercourse. Nowadays it is called erectile dysfunction instead of impotence or Napunsakta. There are four steps in the male sex cycle. Libido, adequate stress in senses, entry into female genitalia and extremes Often, lack of libido can sometimes cause excitement due to nervous system disorders. Sex is not just an action, but it is driven by a complex process that is not easy to guess. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is called when the stimulation in the penis is over. Those who find this problem may be irritable and their Confidence Level can be reduced.

Low Sperm Count

Most men are totally unaware of their reproductive status. Unless a woman is pregnant, they remain in the dark. But in most cases, the reason remains unconscious because the low sperm count can be in the form of a temporary change. The number of low sperm can also be due to many medical issues, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. The production of sperm is a complex process. For this, the Hypothalamus and pituitary glands need to work normally with testis. If there is a problem in any organ, then sperm production can be reduced. Often, the reason for the problem of low sperm is not known. Its treatment also depends on the severity of the problem.


Masturbation, every person learns from another person and gradually this habit changes into a bad addiction that becomes a serious problem for the person over time. Many rumors about masturbation are spread in our society. Due to less information about masturbation and not talking to any other person about it, people will never be able to get out of this addiction. Masturbation makes you worse than making your own life better. Masturbation can never be good for your health. Masturbation produces tension inside you. If you masturbate, you must have noticed that after masturbation, you may feel very bad.

Female Infertility

For women to become pregnant, it is necessary to make eggs in the ovary. When eggs are formed in the ovary, these eggs reach the uterus through the fallopian tubes. When there is a male sperm with a woman’s egg, the process of fertilization occurs. After this, the fertilized egg sticks to the wall of the uterus and begins to develop in the form of the embryo. After its duration, the woman gives birth to the child. But women who do not have this complete procedure in the uterus, there is a problem of infertility.

Male Infertility

There can be many factors of infertility in women because of a large part of the reproduction in their body. There can be many reasons for Male Infertility because part of the male is very low in reproduction. The first is that the availability of sperm in the semen of the male is very low, or you can say that the man is not capable of reproduction. The woman is completely fit and fertile (capable of reproduction). Due to the low availability of the sperm in the male, it can not enter the egg of the woman.

Night Fall (Discharge)

When a boy/girl reaches adolescence, there are many changes in the body. One of the major changes in the development of growth in the sex organs and hormones in the body. As a result of changes in hormones in the body, a young boy starts masturbating and dreams of sex. Due to dreams and masturbation, she/he may be suffering from involuntary ejaculation. This situation is called nightfall. However, nightfall is a common problem among young boys, men of any age can suffer from this condition. It can weaken a person sexually. Deformity and regular masturbation can cause nightfall.


Circumcision is the surgical removal procedure for furcenes covering the head of the penis. Circumcision is an ancient practice, which originated in religious rituals. So even today, many parents mostly circumcise their sons for religious reasons. This painful surgical procedure is mostly on the first or second day of childbirth without anesthesia. However, the Jews circumcised on the eighth day of birth. During circumcision, the prejudice of the penis is first freed from the penis head and the extra foreskin is then closed. On the newborn, this process does not take longer than 5 to 19 minutes.

Low Sexual Desire

Lack of sexual desire in men or women is quite common. From time to time, being less interested in sex is normal, as well as the level of low sexual desire can vary according to age. Sometimes your interest does not match the interest of your partner, it is also normal. But Decrease in low sexual desire can cause anxiety for long periods of time. Reduction in sexual desire can sometimes be related to your health problems. There can be many reasons behind the lack of sex desire in women. If you are experiencing this problem then it is important to know about the reasons.

Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation means secretion of semen from the body through the penis. Prompt ejaculation or premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition in which a man gets ejaculation as soon as possible duration the sex with his partner. Generally, PE is not the cause of concern. But it makes sex less enjoyable and affects your relationship with your partner, it can be disappointing. This happens often and the problems increase because your partner’s sexual satisfaction is essential for a healthy and happy life. Ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system. When men are sexually stimulated, signs are sent to the spinal cord and brain. When men reach a certain level of stimulation, the signs are sent from your brain to your reproductive organs. It is used to secrete semen via penis (ejaculation).

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