What is Udvartana Massage? Know The Benefits For Look an Awesome Skin!


The Ayurveda massage has its origin in the ancient Hindu tradition. Its main objective is to restore the balance of the body and maintain physical and mental health. So, although it is true that in the vast majority of massages and treatments the use of medicated oils is essential, in certain cases are much more useful and recommended dry massages. So, this type of massage is given the generic name of Udvartana massage.

Udvartana is a treatment based on powders composed of minerals, herbs and medicinal species. Then, Udvartana massage stimulates the metabolic process. So, the use of powders, either dry or applied after oil massage, has a mild dermis-abrasive effect, ideal for removing impurities and treating stains and eruptions. So, its active components contribute to purify and activate the metabolism of the skin, and is especially suitable for circulatory disorders, cellulite, fluid retention, obesity etc.

Udvartana Massage

Ayurveda bases its diagnosis on three types of body constitutions (Doshas). So, through these constitutions it is possible to make a very deep diagnosis on a physical, mental or emotional level. Then, once the dosha that is in imbalance by excess or defect is determine, it will allow us to deal with the conflict that has triggered the protest of the body.

Thanks to the knowledge of these doshas you can perform very specific treatments. So, in the case of cellulite, very obvious results are obtained from the first session. In addition to Udvartana massage, it is important that the person adopt healthy living patterns, such as sports, a balanced diet, etc. So, this will help improve results.

Benefits of Udvartana massage

– Liquefies the fat in the body and helps eliminate it.

– Perform a lymphatic drainage of the whole body.

– Activates circulation.

– Helps eliminate all kinds of toxins.

– Excellent results in obesity and for weight loss.

– Reduces body aches.

– Provides lightness to the body.

– Reduces excess sweat and body odor.

– It reduces sagging and adds muscle tone.

– Reduces fatigue and lethargy.

– Activates the metabolism.

Udvartana Massage - Arogyadham

It also calms and reduces the following symptoms of excess kapha in the body:

– Cellulitis.

– Fluid retention.

– Excess fat.

– Revitalizes the skin and treats a great diversity of skin imbalances:

– Eruptions.

– Itchy.

– Cleans pores and removes dead cells.

– Helps perspiration and absorption.

– Provides lightness and evenness the skin.

– Rejuvenates the skin, softens and leaves a soft and velvety touch.

Udvartana massage to eliminate cellulite

Udvartana massage to eliminate celluliteIn Ayurveda, beyond cultural stereotypes, a person is considere overweight when this imbalance affects their life and health. So, in this sense, cellulite is not treated as an aesthetic problem but as the result of an imbalance, usually Kapha.

We find that an unbalanced Kapha with a weak digestive (Agni) fire results in excessive accumulation of toxins (ama) which results in cellulitis (among other symptoms).

Cellulitis according to each Dosha


Vata’s constitution is thin, with little bone structure, little musculature and tendency to sagging. Vata people hardly get fat since they are always in constant movement. They accumulate in localized area like cartridge or abdomen.



When it is unbalance, it accumulates fat in the hip and legs. It has altere the circulatory system and all its pathologies are derive from this alteration. Poor circulation worsens the lymphatic system, making it difficult to eliminate toxins and creating cellulite. So, in the treatment for Pitta it is very important not to put heat, since in the long term the problem becomes worse



Is a person with large structure and musculature. Also, he has to be always watching his food because he has a slow metabolism and in an imbalance with a tendency to be overweight. So, it is easy to hold liquids.


In conclusion, this massage stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate the toxins. Also, it is helping the blood circulation and stimulating the natural defense of the body, and in turn you get a radiant and beautiful skin.

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