Arogyadham Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment & Art of Healing

Arogyadham Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment & Art of Healing

April 1, 2023
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Panchakarma is the Ayurveda art of detoxification and purification and is a powerful way to treat causes of disease and has been used for thousands of years to stay healthy, young, and vital.

According to Dr Rakesh Agarwal, “The value of Panchakarma is that it offers a systematic treatment to dislodge and flush toxins from all cells, using the same elimination organs that the body naturally employs: sweat glands, blood vessels, pathways Urinary tract and intestines.

Alma is the byproduct of inadequate digestion, being rigid and heavy. In our bodies, it obstructs our system and damages our tissues. Therefore, it is one of the most destructive forces in our bodies and contributes to the disease.

Here is an analogy to help understand how the mistress is formed. Imagine that there is a bonfire inside your stomach. If the fire is weak, it cannot burn the wood. Then the wood will burn and start to draw smoke. In the end, the wood cannot be converted to ashes properly.

When digestive fire (or digestive force) is poor, it leads to a diet that is digested improperly, resulting in gas, bloating, indigestion, burning, or constipation. In addition, if the food residue is not digested well, it accumulates in the digestive tract and overflows into your body systems. This residue is called Alma.

Ayurveda links the appearance of Alma in the body and a weak digestive system with chronic diseases like candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, chronic respiratory disease, and many other diseases. The process of Panchakarma eliminates love and paves the way for the body to re-establish an internal state of balance and harmony.

Ama may be present in the body even if no layer on the tongue exists. For example, a regular tongue is pink everywhere, but as love builds up in the digestive system, the language may appear with a white, yellow, green, or grey coating. 

In addition, the body and breathing develop a strong odour in some cases, and the faecal matter becomes denser and sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl. (According to Ayurveda, normal stools should float). If you have any of these symptoms, panchakarma treatment may be indicated.

The Process Of Panchakarma

While beginning panchakarma therapy with proper preparation includes: several days or weeks of a special diet next to the herbs that start loosening Alma and bring the body back to the digestive system for elimination. While the person is eating particular foods and taking special herbs, oil and heat therapies are applied. These include Shirodhara deep relaxation therapies, Ayurveda massage, and Sweden.

Shirodhara is the ultimate treatment in which the customer lies on a blindfolded massage table. Then a specially prepared hot herbal oil is poured into a constant stream through a thin Picket directly on the forehead. This blissful therapy purifies the mind, alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches, and nurtures consciousness. Shirodhara can be given alone or as part of a panchakarma regimen.

The two Ayurveda experts perform a choreographed dance with the hand on the patient’s body during this process. The oils mixed with special herbs, in this specific form of massage, loosen the mistress and store it in the tissues so that it can return to the digestive system. Not only is the cleaning but also deeply relaxing. Ayurveda massage can be administered alone or as part of Panchakarma.

The unique herbal blend with steam and heat, and herbs dilate the channel systems that allow the body’s love to be stored back into the digestive system.

Once all the mistress is back in the digestive system, the next phase is to remove it from the body. This is achieved by administering a laxative to cleanse the small intestine and enemas of herbs to clean the colon.


When the body is clean of toxins and loves, it is very similar to making a new smear and scoring on the board. Now, the inner energy of the body can be rebuilt. This reconstruction process strengthens the digestive and immune systems and gives you more special foods and herbs. These herbs are designed to enhance the immune system’s strength and are revered for their ability to extend life.

The result of Panchakarma is the optimal functioning of the digestive system and energy renewal. After receiving Panchakarma, you will find light in the mind and clarity, the body is pure, and the energy is high. For many, it is a life-changing experience.

Vaidyaratnam Dr Rakesh Agarwal, a well-known Ayurveda Scientist, Sexologist, and Vedic scholar, says, “Panchakarma is the primary method for Ayurvedic physical transformation and purification. It is useful for physical problems caused by the excesses of the three doshas. However, it can also be useful for psychological problems caused by internal factors, emotions, and karma.”

Panchakarma is traditionally used in the cure of many diseases. It is an intensive therapy best performed when the patient has enough time to rest. A short program of Panchakarma can be made in 7 days and followed by a period of rejuvenation that can be done at home. Extensive programs can be designed for a maximum of one month. You may consult with the Arogyadham team of experts or schedule an appointment with Vaidyaratnam Dr. Rakesh Agarwal, 24x 7, whenever you feel comfortable.


Ayurveda is a natural cure for almost every disease and problem. You can treat even a minor issue from hair to foot with the help of Ayurvedic treatments or herbs. Arogyadham is an Ayurvedic treatment center in India where we treat many health problems using Ayurvedic medicines. You can also ask our doctors about any query regarding your health issue or anything. We will always be there to help you out. So do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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