Hypertension is a chronic condition where pressure against the walls of the arteries increases. It is a silent disease, less than 70% of people with hypertension are being treated. Hypertension causes the heart to work harder, increasing its demand for oxygen and can lead to a number of complications. There are usually no symptoms at the beginning. However, some people experience occasional headaches, dizziness, and nosebleeds. in this article, we are sharing some best ayurvedic treatment for hypertension.

Blood pressure is expressed using two numbers. The normal adult average is 120mm / 80mm. Then, hypertension is considered when in consecutive measurements the upper number (known as systolic pressure) is above 140 mmHg. Also, when the lower number (diastolic pressure) is above 90mmHg.

Ayurvedic medicine uses herbs and plant-derived substances to act against high blood pressure. This branch of medicine uses different methods to control the high pressure of our bodies. Ayurveda fights against the previously said reasons for hypertension. there are many Ayurveda retreat in Rishikesh, which will heal or soothe your body and mind. 

According to Ayurveda knowledge, high blood pressure appears due to irregularities in the three Doshas, blood vessels and heart. If you change your lifestyle by adding healthy eating habits and doing yoga. So, you will notice some great changes.

However, beyond the healthy habits that are so necessary in these types of cases, you can also supplement your treatment with home Ayurvedic remedies. We invite you to try any of them.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension

1- Mixer Garlic, Basil And Wheatgrass

This can go very well in an interesting preparation to combat high blood pressure. Mix a glass of water, a couple of cloves of garlic, a few leaves of basil and some juice of wheatgrass. Process the mixture and drink it daily. Do not be surprised that your blood pressure normalizes promptly.

2- Consume Lots Of Grapefruit

One of the most praised fruits in Ayurveda and that undoubtedly can help you when it comes to fighting hypertension is grapefruit. So, consume as much as you can.  It is very healthy, with hypotensive properties, many vitamins and also minerals. Do not miss a good grapefruit in your daily life.

3- Garlic Fasting

Consuming garlic cloves in fasting is one of the Ayurvedic practices that best results can give you. For this, you only have to take two garlic cloves with water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Also, you will feel how the powers of this noble vegetable will begin with its effects work in the cardiovascular system.

4- Honey And Onions

A good remedy usually used in Ayurveda is to prepare a simple mixture of a spoonful of honey and a tablespoon of juice of raw onions. This is consumed every morning, fasting. And it can yield excellent results.

5- Discover The Properties Of The Tribulus Terrestris

This herb known as Tribulus Terrestris is widely used in Ayurveda for its great hypotensive properties. It is very common that it is consumed in infusions for these purposes. For that reason, write it down if it could be of good help and you can easily get it in your area.

6- The Triphala, Always Present

The word Triphala is translated as “three fruits”. So, these fruits are also known as “myrobalan plums” are Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. In fact, it is believed to be a source of youth and it helps markedly in problems such as high blood pressure. That’s why, if you have the opportunity, do not forget to try it and discover it.

Tips For Dealing With Hypertension

A correct combination of these ayurvedic remedies can give surprising results. However, there are other tips that can help them to deal with this medical condition:

  • Laughter is the best medicine and this is not without any reason. Also, reduces adrenaline and cortisol. This helps in keeping blood pressure under control.
  • People with excess weight are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Then, in order to keep blood pressure under control, your weight must be under control as well.
  • Ayurvedic massage helps remove toxins from the body. It includes the healing process with the help of herbal oil massages. Ayurvedic massage provides proper nourishment to tissues and reduces impurities.
  • Although smoking doesn’t give direct rise to blood pressure, smokers still have a higher risk of getting heart attacks. Quit smoking for getting rid of high blood pressure.
  • Yoga is a great way to get rid of high blood pressure with the practice of meditation, poses and asanas. So, when the autonomous nervous system is in balance, blood pressure is in control as well. Also, yoga helps in releasing stress by all means, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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